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Artist - Lynn Howarth

‘’I love faces. I love people. I am intensely inquisitive.
I am constantly amazed at the infinite variety of shapes, sizes, planes, tones and textures that collectively make up the human face. My inspiration comes not only from seeing great beauty, in fact some of the best faces are the ones that have been well and truly lived in – weathered, inhabited and real with a story to tell, but from a different place altogether, somewhere deeper and more meaningful that is impossible to describe.

A connection. Fleeting at times. People – even strangers, often intrigue me and I find I am attracted to a certain aspect or characteristic in a face, the arch of an eyebrow, a hair colour or even a simple facial expression will suddenly pull me in. The way a curl falls wispily across a forehead or a certain bold look in the eye. An emotion captured. I see it and stop. Something connects within me and I have to draw.

If I am out people watching, I carry these thoughts back to the studio where I try to re-create what I have just witnessed. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to project the perfectly crystallised moment captured in my head and tie it down onto a piece of paper. Emotion is everything and pinning down the essence of that moment of clarity I get is one of the most wonderful things about being an artist.

I work mainly in pastels, charcoal and chalk as I love the tactility of this type of medium – I love the physicality of connecting with the paper as I blend and push the intensely coloured powdered pigments into the grain of the surface. I find it a deeply satisfying creative experience.

My influences come from a broad variety of artists such as Bacon Carravagio, Freud, Klimt, Lautrec , Manet, Mucha and Schiele.’

Available Work

Under a Portobello Sunset - £650 - 56cm by 70cm - Sold

Portobello Sunrise - £650 - 70cm by 56cm - Sold

Portobello Reflections - £720 - 69cm by 68cm - Sold

Portobello Sundown - £425 - 54cm by 44cm - Sold

Portobello Stroll - £695 - 50cm by 50cm - Sold

Barely There - £295 - 42cm by 42cm - Sold

And the Skies Sang - £795 - 70cm by 50cm - Sold

Twilight Fell, Portobello - £650 - 72cm by 59cm - Sold

And Time Stood Still - £695 - 76cm by 63cm - Sold

Let Your Light Shine Out - £300

Silver Linings - £300 - 50cm by 34cm

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