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MEET THE ARTIST – Alan Richmond

As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed art and painting and for the last 10 years have been doing it a bit more seriously.

I didn’t go to art college, and whether that was good or bad thing I’m not sure, I think you just have to enjoy what you’re doing, and so that’s why I do it, for the sheer pleasure.

Messy paintings that have an element of landscape have always seemed to interest me most. Artist such as David Tress, Joan Eardley, and Gerhard Richter are among my favourites, I also enjoy photography personally and others like Saul Lieter and Jorma Puranen are very interesting. I enjoy looking at other artists work and collecting art and photographic books, it’s all part of the ongoing learning process.. For my own working practice, I like the idea of seeing something that isn’t really there, by that I mean what we imagine to be there, for example I have taken dozens of close up photographs of weathered paint surfaces especially on old boats. When you look at them you may think your looking at a landscape, but your not, you just imagine you are, and they have that abstract quality about them that I really like.

So this has formed the basis of my work for a while now, trying to recreate that idea of imagined landscapes by spread and scraping off paint, experimenting with various colours and methods, It’s a bit of a hit and miss affair with a constant danger of destroying a perfectly decent painting, but I enjoy that element of risk. I find that acrylic paints suit my methods best, it dries quickly and you can keep layering up.

I am fortunate enough to be able to do all of this in my studio in Selkirk WASPS where I have been working from for over 5 years now, it’s an old mill with plenty of space for working and getting things together for exhibitions etc. I prefer to paint whilst listening to music if I can, generally lade back jazz and groups like Kings of convenience. There are 13 artists in our studios at St..Mary’s ¬†Mill, all of us quite different and wiling to offer help support and advice. We also have group exhibitions there and open studio events.

After coming to one of our open studios events and liking what I did Roz asked me if I would like to exhibit with her. I must say it has been a most pleasant experience, from the point of meeting Roz and then working along with her it has been a pleasure, Roz has asked for and listened to advice on what artists want from a gallery, and high on that list for me was good communication and Roz has been great. I am greatly looking forward to continuing to work along with her and the gallery, and wish her very well deserved success.