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Artist - Alex Johannsen

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I spent my formative years reading comics, lost in a world where anything was possible, and nothing really tragic happened, or if it did, it could be easily ‘undone’….being flattened by a boulder was not a life threatening problem, just annoying!
My work i think is an extension of this idea, i create things that aren’t real, but can exist in my world.  That is the joy of art/ceramics…just about anything is possible.
I’ve been making the penguins for years, and they still make me chuckle, and I wouldn’t make them if they didn’t.
With the dogs i need to be able to believe that they could just get up and walk off. Everyone I create has to have its own identity. It’s not until the final firing when the eyes are glazed that i can see its ‘character’, that is the best bit.
When I get direct feedback from people who also ‘get it’, and really enjoy living them, that’s what makes this job really worthwhile.


Please contact the gallery for more details about the dogs heads that we have available.


Available Work

Dog Heads (each) - £110


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