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Artist - Chris Brook

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Living in the Scottish Borders, self-taught, working professionally since 1995.

Paintings are essentially landscape driven.
Never intended as site specific, instead best described as reinvented retreats, a collection of marks and shapes alluding to the kind of place I would like to find, a place which is within reach, offering solitude, comfort, protection and shelter.
Multi layered surfaces are applied and scraped away to reveal the partially hidden, mark making takes on the form of a scored non-corrective line, offering permanence and suggestions of former occupancy.

The starting process for making 2D constructional works begins by sifting through an ever increasing collection of discarded and disregarded materials, both natural and
man-made, selected for their individual qualities whether that be colour, shape, texture or form.
My attempt, through layering and pairing of countless combinations of these objects is to find an affinity, a natural complimentary harmony of pieces being brought together for the first time, this in turn will dictate the next step.
Being guided by the materials means that there is never a fixed scale in mind, and finished sizes vary from works which I refer to as token pieces, small in scale, and intricate in construction, through to larger works which present a more totemic quality.

Available Work

Winter Harbour - £350

Night Fields - £350

New Land - £350

Fosse - £350 - Sold

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