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Artist - Diane Benn

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I was born in Sheffield and I have spent the last 30 years in Scotland so I think I can now safely qualify for a Scottish Passport.

I can spin quite a few plates at once and when I’m not painting, I’m usually found constructing, building, mending, salvaging and restoring anything and everything. I can also be found at the end of a spade and intersperse my 2D creative pursuits with gardening.

I am a figurative painter and those of you who know me would say I paint like I speak – I say it like it is and keep it real. I work a lot in portraiture and although my work can be extremely detailed, for those of you not wishing every pore magnified, I can equally paint in a more relaxed, loose style.

This year I have had great enjoyment revisiting landscapes and honing my skills painting coastal towns and boats in harbours. My painting ‘Safe Harbour’ was accepted into the Paisley Art Institute Open exhibition this year where I previously won the William and Mary Armour awards for ‘Portobello Blues and Purples.

My natural habitat is my garden studio where I draw upon the light and colours in my garden to inspire my work.

Available Work

Harbour Lights - £1100 - 72cm by 72cm

Safe Harbour - £1200 - 83cm by 83cm

Seaside Town - £1350 - 80cm by 80cm

Distant Horizon - £1100 - 72cm by 72cm - Sold

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