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Artist - Frank McNab

Available in the Gallery

Frank McNab lives and works in Scotland. He has two quite separate strands to his work in the past few years. One is the wonderful variety and designs of the tenements and the communal closes of our cities and towns and the other is the influence of literature and poetry in painting and the development of Symbolist works.

The tenement works investigate the peculiar living spaces the communal closes contain. One neither inside or outside. The lighting can be muted and atmospheric in some closes and as grandiose and dramatic as a Gothic cathedral in some of the toplit corner closes where vertical shafts fall on stone flags far below. The colours are varied and sometimes surprising. (Can anyone guess the main colour of the painting, “Von Blucher’s Close”?)

The Symbolist works have been inspired by varied sources in literature. (At present McNab is working on a large painting inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost.) His paintings have been used on musical album covers and book covers (e.g. Kenneth Roy’s history of Scotland “The Invisible Spirit” and various albums and books about the similarities between the Russion poet Vysotsky and Robert Burns published in Moscow).

Available Work

Von Blucher’s Close - £650 - 51cm by 60cm - Sold

Morning Light - £780 - 62cm by 119cm - Sold

Swan Neck Lamp - £780 - 62cm by 119cm

Alley Behind the School - £950 - 24cm by 20cm

Fox Alley - £950 - 24cm by 20cm

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