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Artist - George Kowzan

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“so, what is it that I love about the work of Grayson Perry?”

 Acrylic ink on watercolour paper

 This work was inspired by Grayson Perry’s tale of Julie Cope, a fictitious Essex woman. The setting is Essex, but it could be anywhere, and, as such, Julie Cope represents “everywoman”. A part of one of the tapestries features the town of Maldon, where I now live, having undergone a journey similar to Julie Cope’s.

 I was not a fan of Grayson Perry’s work when I saw the tapestries in Colchester, but this visit changed my opinion, and led to the question of what it was that I love about it.

 My work has been created using my “word art” technique, where I use words to make images. In this case, I have used a detail of one tapestry and made a double image of it and Perry’s face (with earrings). The words are my thoughts as I sat transfixed in front of the tapestries. The work is hand-painted using acrylic in on watercolour paper.

Available Work

so, what is it that I love about the work of Grayson Perry? - £740

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