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Artist - Hayley McErlean

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My artwork is semi abstract, based on the natural world. The vast areas of rural landscape in Northern Ireland are a pleasure to study. The changeable weather and light have become a fascination for me. Spotting the beauty in the details all around us, in day to day life, has become a valuable past-time – catching a glimpse of the horizon, a view, a beautiful tree, interesting shapes in the hedgerow, etc., have all become sources of inspiration. The world all around me has such an emotional impact.

The act of painting is as important as the subject matter. I am very interested in using the presentation of a picture, namely the frame, as a vital part in the composition of that artwork. A frame, or multiple frames, can prevent or encourage the escape of the colours from a painting into the surroundings. From stretching the canvas to constructing all frames, I take pride at every stage of the work.

I am most comfortable using oil paint on canvas but in recent years I have moved to mixed media; using water based oil, acrylic paint, varnishes, mediums, household and spray paints. I usually work on several paintings concurrently; this gives the paint time to dry and helps me build up layers of colour, texture and finish.

I try to combine all these elements in my pictures in a way that is abstract and expressionist.

Available Work

N. Ireland, Land and Sky No. 29 - 35cm by 35cm - Sold

N. Ireland No. 17 - 35cm by 35cm - Sold

N. Ireland No. 11 - 35cm by 35cm - Sold

N. Ireland Land and Sky No. 30 - 35cm by 35cm - Sold

N. Ireland No. 9 - £140 - 35cm by 35cm

N. Ireland No. 16 - £140 - 35cm by 35cm - Sold

N. Ireland Land and Sky No. 19 - £290 - 50cm by 50cm

N. Ireland Land and Sky No. 22 - £260 - 45cm by 45cm - Sold

N. Ireland Land and Sky No. 27 - £290 - 50cm by 50cm - Sold

N. Ireland Land and Sky No. 19 - £215 - 48cm by 48cm

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