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Artist - Jane Gardiner

Available in the Gallery

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived by the sea and loved make believe.
She grew up, as children do, to become a sensible type with a responsible job but still travelled whenever possible into other folks imaginary lands.

One day she decided to have more fun and so discovered the joy of messing about with charcoal and paints – not unlike making mud pies or experimenting with lipstick. But needing training she then spent many hours in the life drawing room and journeyed to far lands to study with master painters.

Like most girls she loves stuff so she gathered a wardrobe full of dress up things and props, many made from paper in memory of the books she adored. Inviting people to come and play make believe with her she made paintings from these meetings.

As this land of imagination is much bigger than reality and everyone who comes bring their own unique map exploring this place where dreams can come true and potential made clearer will keep her busy and passionate for a while yet.

Available Work

She Said Nothing - £590 - 30cm by 25cm - Sold

Stand Alone - £800 - Sold

Red Bee - £300 - 35cm by 35cm - Sold

Copper Roses - £400 - 36cm by 30cm - Sold

Anisoretti - £400 - 25cm by 20cm - Sold

Copper Fishes - £400 - 20cm by 30cm - Sold

Bumbling Three - £400 - 20cm by 30cm - Sold

Patterned Honey Bee - £400 - 30cm by 20cm

I won't be Here Long - £400 - 30cm by 20cm

A Flash of Gold - £300 - 20cm by 20cm

Golden Dragon Flight - £300 - Sold

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