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Artist - Jill Macleod

Available in the Gallery

Born and brought up in Fife, I moved to Edinburgh in 1979 to further my education. As a mature student I graduated from The Open University in 1998 and in 2011 from Edinburgh College of Art. My work is mainly abstract painting, influenced largely by nature, organic materials and the landscapes of the places I have spent much time in, namely the Highlands, Lothian, Fife and the Lake District.

As well as sketching, photography is an integral part of my research and ideas, for final painted images are often formed by manipulating and deconstructing photographic images and then interpreting this in paint. Sometimes the focus is on a small area of the original image or a remembered shape or pattern which has meaning to me. Layers of paint are then combined with layers of ideas to help depict the ‘sense of place’ which inspired the initial sketch or photographs.

For me, the process of making the painting is often of as much importance as the final outcome; from the original research, to incorporating remembered images, sometimes obscured, sometimes uncovered, or distorted in proportion and focus to reveal what lies beneath. Each stage has its part to play in the development, texture and meaning of the final painting.

Available Work

Two Masts - 60cm by 60cm - Sold

Portobello Blues - £390 - 51cm by 37cm - Sold

Sunset at Portobello - £450 - 60cm by 60cm - Sold

Portobello Sunset (small) - £270 - 30cm by 25cm - Sold

Bass Rock, Autumn Hues - £200 - 15cm by 30cm - Sold

Fidra - £320 - 38cm by 30cm - Sold

From Rock to Sand - £320 - 22cm by 40cm - Sold

Faint Ripples and the Horizon - £300 - 25cm by 30cm - Sold

Leaving Stromness - £400 - 40cm by 40cm - Sold

Shades of Portobello - £200 - 30cm by 15cm - Sold

Portobello Wave - £600 - 60cm by 60cm - Sold

Full moon, Bass Rock - £300 - 30cm by 30cm - Sold

Stormy Sea, North Berwick - £550 - 50cm by 50cm

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