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Artist - Malcolm Dobbins

Available in the Gallery

Most people will not be surprised to learn I have a maritime background. Much of the work relates to this theme, although I do work on other subjects from time to time. Living near the Northumberland coast as well as 9 years service with the Royal Navy have inspired me and influenced me for over 40 years. I am never without a sketchbook, I use the sometimes cartoonish drawings and digital imagery to inform the paintings. I am a self confessed disciplinarian when it comes to work; drawings and layout come first, this is important “not leaving anything to chance”. Once the theme and drawings are collated I spend time designing the palette. Drawing books are full of various palettes to suit each series of work. “Working in this way, in series, keeps me fresh. I enjoy the excitement of a new series; inventing new colours and fresh palettes,  its one of the less frustrating tasks too”. Once this process is done the exciting bit starts. There are no constraints at this point; serendipity has centre stage, though tools and other mark making paraphernalia help achieve a good patina before any control takes place, and there lies the difficulty and frustrations!

Malcolm Dobbins spent 5 years at Sunderland University studying Fine Art and gained BA(Hons) Fine Art in the early nineties. He then went on to gain MA Art & Design in Context 2005. This is where he learned good research skills and became disciplined in his working methodology.

Available Work

Dawn Fishermen, Fife - 79 cms by 55 cms - Sold

Low Tide, Roa Island - 60 cms by 60 cms - Sold

Arrive Loch Eil, Wester Ross - 88cm by 79cm - Sold

Bogweed, Midge and Snow Flurries - Inverpolly - £1495 - 92cm by 76cm - Sold

Lochs Lochans and Bogweed, Assynt - £1800 - 91cm by 76cm - Sold

Sound of Mull - £1800 - 91cm by 76cm - Sold

Shipping Forecast, Hebrides - £900 - 60cm by 60cm - Sold

Lamentation, Mull - £295 - 30cm by 30cm - Sold

Old Tub, Hebrides - £295 - 30cm by 30cm - Sold

Autumn, Highland Journey - £1800

Autumn Evening, Cul Beag - £395 - Sold

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