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Artist - Margaret Archbold

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Margaret Archbold is a visual artist based at Wasps Artists Studio, in The Briggait, Glasgow. Working under the name Garter, art plays a major part in daily life. She was born and raised in Glasgow. Graduating with BA(Hons) Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art in 1994, she has responded and embraced the shifting landscapes ever since. A return to the Southside of Glasgow, in recent years, has resulted in old stories, familiar views and new work. Subject matter, processes and practice constantly evolve as narratives present themselves.

Reflecting on her current work, Margaret says ‘my painting has changed direction in the past few months. I have worked towards a new style, almost unaware. Having spent a lot of time in my studio in the quiet of lockdown, I found myself pouring back over sketchbooks from 30 years ago. Discovering line drawings of flowers and plants, I started to develop a new series of work. Using these as the starting point for the current work, I am conscious that the memory of executing the original drawings feels like yesterday. The circle is a nod to a found object, it has given my work a continuity.

Exploring the drawings, and bringing in new ones, I am gathering my thoughts, while working through the joy of mixing and balancing colours. Mostly, each piece is instinctively done. Sometimes, however, my day and its various challenges, influence the painting. Within each one you may often find that there is love, sorrow and hope, in no particular order.’

Available Work

Lichtspiel Kisses - £295 - 20cm by 20cm

HIbiscus Resolve - £295 - 20cm by 20cm

Midnight Lament - £295 - 20cm by 20cm

Porcelain Hibiscus - £295 - 20cm by 20cm

Lament - £395 - 30cm by 30cm

Civil Twilight - £395 - 30cm by 30cm

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