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Artist - Michael Dawson

Available in the Gallery

I produce vibrant works on paper, wood, mdf and canvas in an expressionist style that is often mistaken as ‘outsider’ and I take that as a compliment.

Intense and energetic, rich in vivid colour and heavily covered in text, stencils and bursts of texture, the works are primarily concerned with a universal experience filtered through my life.

I suggest dichotomies, wealth vs poverty, primitive vs sophisticated, integration vs segregation, justice vs injustice and inner vs outer experience.

Whilst the majority of my work evidently references pop, expressionism, outsider art and design elements, I have developed a language of my own. I harness the synergy of appropriation; poetry, drawing and painting which marries text and image, abstraction and figuration, historical information mixed with contemporary critique.

Contemporary culture, history, geography, political and corporate worlds, word play, social commentary and music all get put into the art blender too. My work has no set agenda, theme or literal subject matter — it is informed by what I am passionate about, what makes me angry and what makes me joyous — how I respond to what I see and hear around me. I try to find beauty in the ordinary, in the mundane, in the over-looked, and in what is commonly regarded as ugly… I am also scathing of what I see as unfair, cruel and brutal in the world. This is also your world.

Available Work

Ghost Fruit - £100 - 12cm by 33cm - Sold

King Soup Drops the Welfare Bomb - £190 - 20cm by 20cm - Sold

I Will Leave You the World to Roam - £600 - 76cm by 102cm - Sold

Something Wicked This way Comes - £175 - 20cm by 20cm - Sold

Sleep With One Eye Open - £175 - 14.5cm by 29cm - Sold

Mind Garden - £225 - 36cm by 45cm

Flask Monsters - £225 - 30.5cm by 30.5cm

Not on your Nellie - £225 - 19cm by 36cm

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