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Artist - Ludmilla Kosmina

I design and create one-off ceramic sculptures of people, some with humourous qualities, all of which capture the observed essence of human behaviour. I like to think that my sculptures are humourous and slightly whimsical and that all of my pieces are unique both in form and personality. My inspiration comes from observing life around me; I only make figures of happy people and people enjoying themselves. Human nature is immensely interesting to me and I want to express it all in my sculptures. I do not seek anatomical perfection, preferring instead a stylised technique that I feel retains the expression of human behaviour.

Each piece is hand made using earth-stone clay, glazed and fired in an electric kiln up to four times; the firing temperature is up to 1250c.

Away from my full time work as a Technical Consultant, I like nothing better than to fill my time as an artist and like to spend my weekends creating new designs. Hopefully, this pleasure will be conveyed to all who possess my sculptures, be it just a single piece or a collection and  my wish is that they derive many years of joy from my work.

Available Work

Double Bass Man - Sold

My Lovely Reader - Sold

Proud Lady - Sold

Our Mermaid Friend - Sold

The Anchor Man - Sold

Deirdre - Sold

Moira - Sold

Amanda - Sold

Best Friend - Sold

John the Birdman - Sold

A Highland Fling - Sold

My Cat and I - Sold

Mutual Appreciation - Sold

My Guy - Sold

Roses from her Lover - £220

Gold Beads - £220

Angel - £60

My White Cat - £240 - Sold

My Ginger Cat - £240

My Story-telling Bird - £240

Hippy Kate - £220

Silver in her Hair - £220


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