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Artist - Andrew Herridge

Available in the Gallery
Andrew Herridge’s paintings depict the wild winds and rain sweeping across Scotland’s west coast from the south west, moulding sea and landscape.   There is usually more to the image than strikes one at first. The works evolve organically, beginning with life’s everyday glances. Andrew explores the relationships between what exists and our perceived reality. Together, via both viewer and painter’s  observational and emotional responses to the works, an understanding may be reached.
Andrew has a studio on the Isle of Luing which lies almost floating on  the Atlantic between Oban on the mainland and the Isle of Mull. About 10 metres from the shore, the studios overlook the sea which are steeped in the constantly changing  elements. Andrew currently divides his time between the Isle of Luing and the Isle of Wight.

Andrew’s recent works are the culmination of decades looking and painting.

Available Work

Look After the Fish and They Will Take Care of You - £485 - 50cm by 40cm

Paradox - £495 - 60cm by 45cm

More to It Than Meets the Eye - £495 - 60cm by 45cm

Storm Waves - £495 - 60cm by 45cm

Trans Ocean - £495 - 60cm by 45cm

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