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Artist - Arie Vardi

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Arie Vardi was born in Chile, graduated in graphics design in Jerusalem and has lived in Scotland since 1991. His original paintings are mainly inspired by a deep connection with the west coast of Scotland, Perthshire and the Mediterranean. The elemental form of the land in Scotland and in special the connective points of sea and shore are of particular interest.

Colour and vibrancy are essential to the work and these are in turn inspired by his time spent by in the Mediterranean. He paints in acrylics, oil and mixed media.

‘I paint because I love the freedom of expression, the experimentation with colour and playing with texture in Acrylics, Mixed Media and Oils.
My work is predominantly about the flow in nature which acts as a metaphor for expression of feelings or sentiments. The connective points of sea and shore, big open spaces, skies, the elemental form of the land and the quality of the light.
My paintings are about the celebration of life, about harmony and balance. In the process of creation I let the materials speak for themselves and the image to reveal itself.

Available Work

Spring Bloom - £480 - 53cm by 53cm

On The Bright Side - £600 - 55cm by 66cm

Maple Bloom - £980 - 42cm by 91cm

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