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Artist - Cherylene Dyer

Available in the Gallery

Cherylene Dyer is an award winning Scottish figurative painter and a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. She paints mainly in oil paint, using large scale charcoal drawings as part of her preparation process. Each painting takes considerable time to complete due to the techniques applied, so her studio is bursting with paintings all at different stages of completion.

Cherylene has spend a large proportion of her career studying oil paint methods, favouring both the traditional methods of glazing and scumbling, as well as modern and quicker painting methods for example wet on wet and dry brush techniques, these along with dramatic directional lighting makes up the basis for most of her work.

Subject matter for Cherylene always has been centred around the human form. Her figures appear mysterious and ambiguous, centred in their own worlds, lit up as though on a stage. The figures themselves usually don’t look at the viewer although they still demand the viewers attention. Certain themes are repeatedly seen in Cherylene’s work for example, Love, Isolation, Strength and euphoria. Although contradictory in nature, collectively they herald the complexities of the human condition.

Available Work

Ochre - £520 - 20cm by 30cm - Sold

Soloist 1 - £680 - 30cm by 40cm - Sold

Soloist 2 - £680 - 30cm by 40cm - Sold

White Slip - £750 - 39cm by 45cm - Sold

Chiffon Skirt - £690 - 31cm by 36cm - Sold

New Moon - £940 - 50cm by 40cm - Sold

Rehearsal - £2400 - 94cm by 80cm - Sold

Portobello Haar - £880 - 50cm by 40cm - Sold

Through the Mist - £1450 - 55cm by 45cm

Dreamer in Green - £1450 - 55cm by 45cm - Sold

Study in Blue - £1450 - 45cm by 56cm

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