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Artist - Lindsey Lavender

Available in the Gallery

Lindsey’s architectural background has gifted her with a passion for the built environment; the buildings and the spaces between. She is intrigued and inspired by alleyways, structures and derelict places which shape our urban environment as much as by the architecture.

Painting predominates her practice with drawing a fundamental, underpinning aspect. Lindsey’s paintings examine built environments seeking simple, overlooked observations with a fascination and intrigue of the everyday. Her work has a sense of narrative and an atmosphere of calm which draws the viewer in. She explores the rhythm of light and shade, often on the seemingly ordinary.

Available Work

Vertigo - £450 - 30cm by 20cm - Sold

Millside - £450 - 20cm by 30cm - Sold

Prom, Dusk - £1250 - 64cm by 45cm - Sold

Waterside, Figgate Park - £520 - 38cm by 48cm

Colonnade - £520 - 38cm by 48cm

Finnieston Pend - £730 - 50cm by 60cm

Escape - £1735 - 68cm by 94cm

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