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Artist - Margaret Hume

Available in the Gallery

After years of pushing art aside due to other commitments, I finally said “If I’m going to do it, it has to be now” and began a journey of study, mentoring and development.

My journey through art has allowed me to incorporate my love of the female figure, design, colour, friendships and storytelling in my work today.

These figurative pieces are images of strong, joyful, loyal, sometimes vulnerable women that the viewer can connect with through their own history of friendships and life experiences.

To the onlooker my process might look a bit chaotic (I’m a messy worker) and often there’s layer upon layer sometimes up to eight, but I like this as all of our lives are made up of stories/experiences and conversations that lie below the surface.

I have a wonderful group of girlfriends, strong, quirky, funny, supportive, sometimes vulnerable, silly and loyal and I hope that is reflected in my art.

Available Work

Above Us Only Sky - £325 - 33cm by 33cm - Sold

Old Friends - £295 - 27.5cm by 35cm

Golden Sun - £495 - 43cm by 43cm

Nothing But Blue Skies - £280 - 27cm by 27cm

Friends in Sunshine - £450 - 45cm by 45cm

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