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Location The Velvet Easel Gallery
298 Portobello High Street
EH15 2AS Telephone 07813916684 Opening Hours

Thu – 10 – 5pm
Fri – 10 – 5pm
Sat – 10 – 5pm
Sun – 12 – 5pm

Iq option VIP account, Uop binary options

Iq option VIP account, Uop binary options

Iq option VIP account, Uop binary options

Gill is a well respected artist who has won awards

View Artist

Current Artists

Sarah Saunders
Sarah Knox
Hayley McErlean
Gill Walton
Alice Boyle
Clive Ramage
Peter Hallam
Megan Chapman
Henrietta Corbett
Wenna Crockatt
Nichola Martin
Andy Cross
Amanda Phillips
Fiona Wilson
Carol Dewart
Hannah Nugent

Latest News

01.09.17 - Art Walk Porty 2017

Aug 31 – Sep 10 2017 Portobello, Edinburgh. The Velvet Easel…read more

15.07.17 - Portobello Mon Amour…

…read more

08.07.17 - Portobello Mon Amour – a new mixed exhibition 8th July – 29th October

…read more

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