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Artist - Michelle Campbell

Available in the Gallery

Michelle was born in Ayrshire and moved to Glasgow in her early 20s. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2006 and now works from her studio at the Briggait.

Michelle uses painting as a language to convey how her neurodivergent mind processes the environment around her, predominantly through colour and geometric forms.  Through painting, Michelle also recycles her memories, dreams and emotions as events within themselves. She uses varying subject matter to produce something tangible from her feelings and recollections, in turn creating a new sensory experience.

By breaking the image down and then restructuring it bit by bit, she gives each small part equal status, removing the idea of a main focal point, much like how she experiences her immediate surroundings.

Her process includes working in many layers, through which Michelle develops a two-way emotional dialogue with the painting itself, blurring the lines between abstract and representation.

Available Work

Mother and Son - £295 - 30cm by 30cm - Sold

Sunflowers - £295 - 30cm by 30cm - Sold

Robin - £295 - 30cm by 30cm - Sold

Wilt - £1900 - 90cm by 120cm

Parlour Palm - £295 - 30cm by 30cm

Boating Lake - £450 - 40cm by 40cm

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