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Artist - Karen Thomas

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I am inspired by nature and the sea in particular; although abstract, my work is very much a reflection of the rhythms and patterns of nature. I walk my dogs through fields, along harbour walls, and on the beautiful beaches of Fife every day. Back in the studio, I can still feel the sensations of the wind and the rain and the constant rolling of the waves.

I am fascinated by human attempts to impose order on a landscape, but for me the excitement arises where time, weather, plants or animals disrupt or bury the orderly. I seek to reflect this in my work – when a painting works well, it is because I have buried layers of regularity or broken the rhythm to find the tension.

I often begin with collage, but just as often end with it. I build layers of paint, oil, graphite, charcoal – often grabbing anything to hand as the work evolves. I love the dialogue between colours, and the constant ‘push and pull’ to find balance and equanimity – if only in order to subvert it. There is a lengthy process of addition and subtraction: as often as new layers are added, they are scraped or rubbed away to reveal traces of the old, just as we stumble upon old settlements or traces of industry in a landscape. I always begin a work with a plan, but rarely does the journey end at the expected destination.

Available Work

Rewilding II - £230 - 30cm by 30cm

Rewilding III - £230 - 30cm by 30cm

Rewilding IV - £230 - 30cm by 30cm

Winter Garden I - £150 - 45cm by 45cm

Winter Garden II - £150 - 45cm by 45cm

Winter Garden III - £150 - 45cm by 45cm

Winter Garden IV - £150 - 45cm by 45cm

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