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Artist - Louise Marks

Available in the Gallery

Born and raised in Durham, substantially more than 21 years ago, Louise now lives and works in Edinburgh.

 Although art has always been a joy, working in Primary Education was the focus for many years both in this country and abroad. Two years ago she decided to commit to furthering her art knowledge, hone her oil painting technique and spend quality time with a paintbrush in her hand and paint drips on her clothes and in her hair (so much like Primary School teaching but without the glitter). This year her work was displayed in the Royal Scottish Open Exhibition in Edinburgh. Other works continues to be shown and sold throughout the United Kingdom.

 Louise loves painting a piece that combines, through the delicious buttery qualities of oil, the portrayal of reality skills with undulating edges. A range of subjects are covered, however at the heart of it all the subject is always something truthful.

Available Work

Hanging Around - £200 - 16.4cm by 16.4cm - Sold

Station - £420 - 27cm by 32cm - Sold

Peony - £380 - 25m by 25cm - Sold

Flowers - £408 - 28cm by 23cm - Sold

Oak Leaf - £320 - 32cm by 27cm - Sold

Is - £450 - 25cm by 25cm - Sold

Steamer - £410 - 25cm by 25cm - Sold

North Berwick Law from Portobello - £320 - 27cm by 17cm - Sold

Bee on a Brick - £240 - 25cm by 25cm - Sold

Glance - £408 - 28cm by 23cm

'A' - £420 - 30cm by 30cm

Red and Yellow Tulip - £320 - 32cm by 27cm

One Cherry - £420 - 27cm by 32cm

Plum Three - £240 - 25cm by 25cm

The Second Pear in the Pair - £420 - 30cm by 30cm

Little Blue Hen - £230 - 16.5cm by 16.5cm

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